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Field Leadership

At Wakaya Perfection, we foster a thriving community of Independent Business Ambassadors who, like you, are sharing the Wakaya Perfection story with the world. At Wakaya Perfection, you work for yourself, but not by yourself! Meet our world-class top leaders.

Barb and Dave Pitcock

Diamond Ambassadors

Their story is powerfully heartening. The Kansas-based dynamic duo, Dave and Barb Pitcock, are a true testament to how, under the most challenging of circumstances, a true partnership of love can work. They have been happily married for over 23 years and are the loving parents to three beautiful children, Brooklyn, Chance and Kali. They came from humble beginnings, were raised in a small mid-western town and it was the love for their family that motivated them to believe in one another and reach for the stars. Their story shows that by having faith in each other, together they can accomplish anything.


Our story is for those that believe in faith, drive and commitment, because that is what took us to enjoy our success of today. Before we got involved in Network Marketing we were two kids in love, starting a family and working five businesses to put food on the table. I was riding bulls professionally and building and refinished antique furniture while Barb was cutting hair at a full service salon, operating a dance studio with over 60 students and had our two babies on either hip and one on the way. We were running 90 mph, stressed, stretched thin and were over $250,000.00 in debt. Our backs were against the wall working sun up until sun down.

It was Dave who got started in Network Marketing first, selling Nutritional products. I was not interested at all as I had given it a go with a few companies and experienced little to no success. I was amazed as I watched my incredibly brave husband replace our income in just 93 days! His immediate success allowed us to close our other businesses and become full time stay-at-home parents working in the Network Marketing Industry. This success inspired us so much that we have been FULL TIME in this business ever since.

What drew us to Wakaya Perfection was simple, we are humbled to know Todd Smith and for years we have admired not only his success in this industry but his character, his integrity and his vision. When we had the opportunity to get involved at such an early time in its pre-launch, we knew we couldn’t miss out on this. When in your lifetime would you be invited to prelaunch a company with the Founder of FIJI Water, David H. Gilmour, with a suite of pure and truly unique wellness products from the enchanting private island of Wakaya and have a co-founder like Todd Smith leading the charge? It was a trifecta of perfection and there was no question in our minds, we simply couldn’t pass this opportunity by. We watched Todd earn millions of dollars as a distributor so he has great insight as to what its like in the field. The timing, the opportunity and a 2x4 matrix left our heads spinning just thinking of how many others could benefit on so many levels from sharing a healthier lifestyle to becoming financially secure, just by getting involved. Once we tried the products we fell in love and couldn’t wait to share them! We have made millions of dollars in this industry and Wakaya Perfection gives us hope that we truly can help others do the same.

We genuinely enjoy helping people which is why we feel so at home at Wakaya Perfection. We consistently share the business with people every single day and help people get started by supporting them in embracing the system of meetings, calls and trainings and events. We guide them in the business, and we also encourage them to work on their own personal development on a daily basis. You don’t go through life, you grow through life! There is so much support for the people joining; we make it our sole focus to help others achieve their goals. We urge our team to view the 8-step plan as a recipe or a blueprint to follow in order to get a great outcome. We believe that the greatest success we’ll know is helping others succeed and grow. It is this approach that has propelled us to reach the Ruby Ambassador level in such an incredibly short timeframe.

Success however, rarely comes without challenges. Its how you handle those challenges that truly shapes your character and defines you as a person. Our biggest challenge was protecting our dreams. People have tried to stop us along this journey and sometimes it’s the people you think are your closest friends and even family. We overcome these obstacles by remaining united as partners and focused on the reality that if your dream is big enough, you can make it come true with consistency and self-discipline. We are both proof that this really does work - if you work it!

Our goal in life is to experience the freedom to spend time with our family creating new memories and to help others achieve the same. We want to leave a legacy to our children and grandchildren and be remembered for working hard to create a great life for them. We want to give them the gift of experiencing the same freedom.

We both would like to thank Todd Smith, as we are forever thankful for his incredible vision, the sacrifice he has made to launch this venture and for believing in us to help bring his vision to life. We also want to thank the entire Corporate Team of Leadership. They are so amazing and the support from team members Andre Vaughn, Maxandra Desrosias, Blake Graham and more has been incredible. I personally must thank my husband Dave. He saw the vision long before I did and he has been 100% committed from day one. I am thankful for his vision, hard work and dedication. Lastly we both want to thank our families and all of the incredible support they have show to us. Without our loving family as our foundation, we would never have achieved such success!


  • Their success strategy: “Follow the leaders, share the story, stay humble and focus on your dream”
  • The top of their travel bucket list? Wakaya Island for a full week with our family!
  • The three words that best sum up this dynamic duo? Passionate, driven and full of love!!
  • The top 3 Wakaya Perfection products they simply can’t live without?
    • Fijian Kava CapsulesRelaxation Essential Oil Blend
    • Pain Relief Essential Oil Blend



Maxandra Desrosiers

Diamond Ambassador

Her story is filled with unwavering faith and determination. Born and raised in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, Florida-based, Maxandra’s life changed after the tragic death of her brothers. Homeless at age 16, Maxandra was forced to work several jobs to pay for schooling and provide for herself. Being challenged at such a young age was extremely difficult, however, Maxandra’s tragic life experiences helped build her character and has shaped who she is today. At 17 years of age, after hearing Tony Robbins speak, Maxandra decided not to focus on the losses she experienced, but to learn from those experiences and take her future into her own hands. Her story proves that even under the harshest circumstances, you can come out even stronger and change your own destiny.


I received a crash course in life at a very early age when my brothers were murdered. At 16 years old I was homeless. I worked throughout the day, went to school and worked jobs at night just so I can pay for classes and provide for myself. When I was 17 years old, I attended an Anthony Robbins seminar, and it was an experience that changed my life.


From that day, I realized that I could be anything I wanted to be so I started to take action. After learning and working in the Mortgage Business for several years, I decided to open my own company. We did extremely well, however, I was working 14 to 16 hours or more a day. My work became my life and I felt physically, mentally and emotionally drained. It took losing my Father to make the decision to create time freedom, especially for those I love, and that is what led me to join the network marketing industry. Low overhead, low startup cost, no employees, less stress!


To be successful in Network Marketing I believe you must care about the people that are in the field. Having your customers and reps best interest at heart is key. I know from experience that our Co-Founder Todd Smith and President Bill Andreoli live and stand by that. The Wakaya Perfection products are amazing. I love that our wellness products can be used both inside and out and that they are pure, organic and potent. The business opportunity, the system, and the leadership team are incredible. With everything we have in place everyone can and will win.


My life goal is to help others transform their lives through my own life experiences. I believe Network Marketing is the platform that is allowing me to do just that. To show others that they too have the potential to be, to have and to achieve anything they want. I give great thanks to my entire team for believing in me, for loving me, for being on this journey with me. I feel a great deal of love and gratitude for our Corporate staff, our customer service staff, Bill, Todd, Mike Randolph, Andre, Barb, Dave and Blake. Without all of them none of this would ever be possible. I love you all!

Blake Graham

Diamond Ambassador

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Valerie Love

Diamond Ambassador

Her story is heartwarming and filled with determination, joyfulness and an innate intuition. Born in Harlem, New York, Valerie was raised by her 19-year old single Mother and lived with her grandparents in a tenement building. She grew up in what was referred to as the “ghetto” while surrounded by a loving family. Valerie always knew she was destined to leave and explore the beautiful world. She has three beautiful children and two grandchildren with a third on the way.

Always seeing the bright side of things, Valerie even at a young age always had a strong sense of independence. She began as an entrepreneur at the age of 13 building her own babysitting business. She tried working a regular 9-5 job but she soon realized that being her own boss was far more motivating. When she was introduced to Network Marketing, she was hooked. Valerie’s story is woven with beauty, challenges, love and financial hardship, however, as you read it, you’ll see why Valerie is such a success. Her cup is always half full and that is the best way to reach your dreams.



I'm originally from New York City, born in Harlem in the early sixties to a 19-year-old single mom who lived with her parents in a tenement building in New York City. My grandfather's parents also lived in the building, so there were 4 generations of our family together. The apartment was in the middle of a tough part of Harlem. I always knew I would leave as I knew it was not for me. I moved from New York after my 2nd child was born, and have been living in Maryland for over 20 years. Family is the crowning jewel of my life.

I joined Wakaya Perfection for 1 reason: when Andre Vaughn called and told me the story, I knew I had to be in. It was a gut instinct and I immediately went with it on faith. There was also a sign, one that I call divine providence. I had returned from a trip to India on Friday, February 12th. While there, I was given a small packet of turmeric to take home, with the instruction to put a pinch of it under my tongue every day. In India, turmeric is a considered a master therapeutic and medicinal in Ayurvedic medicine. When Andre Vaughn mentioned the word 'turmeric' in our brief conversation, it was as if a lightning bolt went through me.

I began an entrepreneur when I was 13 and started a small babysitting business after school. I always had a strong streak of independence so when I first got out of school I was a secretary and I soon realized that I did not like having a boss. I started seeking out ways to make income without working for someone else, a journey which eventually landed me at network marketing. My first husband and I had a newspaper route with over 2,000 customers. It was grueling, though well-paying. It was when my brother-in-law visited us from New York that we realized we needed a new solution. He presented Network Marketing to me and I immediately said yes. I loved it and I made money fast.

There were 3 issues in my life I knew I had to resolve. 1.) I'm a professional coach. Coaching income is not leveraged or residual so I had to find more ways to discontinue trading dollars for hours as my primary income stream. 2.) I was looking for a way to reach huge financial goals and dreams in a short period of time, to build a financial fortress around my family. I've experienced the high's and low's in the financial department in my life, from being married to a man who won $17 million in the lottery, luxury global travel, 5-star restaurants and more. I've also experienced devastating heartbreaks and financial lows,

including 2 bankruptcies, repossession, and a foreclosure of my dream home. 3.) the children of this world. I learned while in India that of the 2.2 billion children on this earth, 1 billion little ones live in abject poverty. It is my intention that every child on planet earth enjoys love and abundance, in the form of healthful meals, clean drinking water, loving surroundings and all they require to live a healthy, fulfilling life.

The opportunity to shape and mold this new enterprise from the beginning with people I want to do life with is what attracted me to Wakaya Perfection. The lifestyle of health and wealth. The endorsement of Oprah. The island of Wakaya and the Wakaya Way. There is literally so much that lights my fire about Wakaya Perfection. We have something special here, and we all know it.

I am somewhat fanatical about things I love, which actually helps my business. The enthusiasm I feel, the opportunity to create health and wealth for so many people, the people I'm doing life with, the way I feel as I share the story, that is where the magic happens, in the enthusiasm. Potential business partners feel that enthusiasm and take action. Our whole team is operating on enthusiasm, which for me, is very different from excitement. Excited people can cool off. Enthusiastic people are powered from within by a big why that's way bigger than themselves. Take massive, inspired action, and always have a healthy dose of fun. My biggest challenge to overcome is being okay when people initially invest in the business but take no action. It perplexes me, and it's not always easy for me to keep moving on. I wonder what wiped them out so fast or what happens in a person's mind that causes them to act on their dreams.

My life goal is to take care of the 1 billion smallest inhabitants of this planet, our children and babies. It is said that the first classroom our children experience is the womb. If my life legacy is loving and feeding a billion children on planet earth, that would make me the happiest woman in the world.

I have to thank Andre Vaughn for making that call to me on a snowy winter in February. All the team members who are on this ride with me. Maxandra is a great daily inspiration to me. Barb is an amazing woman and demonstrates what extreme success looks like, while having a lot of fun in the process. And of course, Mr. Todd Smith for his ingenuity and courage, Mr. David Gilmour for his uncompromising commitment to excellence that literally oozes from everything that is Wakaya Perfection, and Mr. Bill Andreoli who I highly prize and respect. Most of all, I love and thank my kids, who put up with me being fanatical to make big dreams come true.

It feels utterly surreal to achieve the Diamond rank, it all happened amid a rush of excitement and enthusiasm, with the whole team in flow, so it's quite a ride! I'm deeply grateful. I am passionate about influencing others. This means showing up. Coaching. Sharing. Serving. Asking the hard questions and being willing to hold team members accountable to what they say they desire. Celebrating the wins together is a big part of keeping the team going. We give lots of kudos!

My four keys of wisdom in successfully achieving Diamond rank are: 1. Keep going, NO MATTER WHAT. In this business, I see so many amazing people fall by the wayside, just because they didn't persevere when 'life happened.' 2. Have FUN! No one will do anything for an extended period of time that's painful, if it can be avoided. We make the business fun, we laugh a LOT, and we're always looking for innovative ways to tell the story to keep the business fun to engage. 3. SERVE. SERVE. SERVE. And when I feel like I've done enough, serve more. The secret to a great life of significance is SERVICE. 4. GROW. Who I am as a person has significantly changed since I joined Wakaya. I take it as a personal challenge with myself to GROW DAILY as a person, a businesswoman, a thought leader, and a global change maker. If we're not growing, we're dying. The bigger we grow, the bigger the team grows, and the bigger the checks grow!

Wakaya Perfection has touched and transformed every area of my life, from health to relationships to personal and spiritual development to finances and beyond. A year ago I thought I was a big thinker. Now I'm a bigger thinker than ever. That could perhaps be one of the biggest gifts of Wakaya Perfection, of MANY. What we have here at Wakaya is so unusual, so special, that people say to me all the time 'this is different, I can feel it." Yep, that's the Wakaya Way!

One year from now I pray to be a more magnificent version of myself, and who I am designed and created to be. We all have magnificence in us, the issue is to fully express this brilliance. I seek to fully express the divine potential deposited in me.


  • Her success strategy in 10 words or less: “The best recruiting tool ever is the mirror”
  • The top of her travel bucket list? Sleep overnight in the Pyramids of Egypt, Camel Race with friends on the sand dunes andtake a luxury Nile River Cruise
  • The three words that best describe her? Outrageously enthused & joyful.
  • The top 3 Wakaya Perfection BulaFIT products she can’t live without?
    • Organic Pink Fijian Ginger Capsules
    • Organic Fijian Turmeric Capsules
    • Nutrify Collection

Cynthia Sligh

Diamond Ambassador

Her story is focused on enrichment. Baltimore based, Cynthia has let her belief and faith focus her life’s path. Happily married to her endlessly supportive husband Michael, and mother to her wonderful son Xavier, Cynthia began her career working at a high- powered and demanding Accounting firm. Already possessing an entrepreneurial spirit, Cynthia was more than curious when introduced to direct selling over 20 years ago. Her story shows how her faith and confidence combined with the ambitious belief in herself is making her continued success inevitable.


I was a Senior Accountant at a high-powered Accounting firm when I was first introduced to direct selling almost 20 years ago. In my first year, while I was learning the business, I could not believe that I had made almost as much part-time as I did with my full-time salary in the corporate world! I knew that I simply could not ignore the business potential. It ignited the entrepreneur in me and I have been in business for myself ever since.

I started in direct sales as a beauty consultant, which offered me independence, but a potential downside was that the income was not recurring. Every month was a new month, every home party was a new home party - so while it was richly rewarding, it started to feel like just another job, because I was not building any residual income. This really hit home, even after 10 years of building that brand, when I decided to “move on without them”, my check “moved on without me”! I really wanted something that would last, even outlast... outlast my hard work, and perhaps even outlast me!

It was then that I decided to try a more traditional business. I believed that ownership would give me the ability to create and leverage wealth. And, while today I still own a thriving salon and spa, it’s like a job more than ever! No residual income! Don’t get me wrong - the money can be very good in the salon industry, however the days are long, spent managing employees and interacting with clients. I reached a point in my life where I’d asked myself, am I taking charge or am I just taking chances? It was time for me to take charge!

Through all of economic ups and downs of the past few decades, the one business model that has always seemed to thrive is network marketing. Once upon a time, I dabbled in direct sales and almost doubled my income... At last I was now eager to take my network marketing experiences to the next level! It has always appealed to me, and it truly is the only way for ordinary people to achieve extraordinary residual income; you know! that kind of income that keeps paying you month after month, year after year! I was ready to find the next “big thing”, but I had no idea that the “big thing” was about to find me...

It was right about then when Andre Vaughn called me to share the story of Wakaya Perfection. I could barely believe my ears! Founded by serial entrepreneur David H. Gilmour, who was also the Founder of FIJI water, products that were personally picked twice by Oprah Winfrey for her Favorite Things list, products such as ginger and turmeric that were so pure and grown on a private island in Fiji, a revolutionary compensation plan – You have got to be kidding me?! I was absolutely fearless in joining Wakaya Perfection. I had been looking for a company like Wakaya Perfection for 10 years, so my decision was truly a no brainer. I knew we had something very special and I knew I had to be a part of it.

I am so happy to share that moving quickly through the ranks of Wakaya Perfection has been simple. I’m truly excited about the company and I make it a priority to steadfastly follow the Wakaya Perfection 8 steps to Financial Success System. I share the Wakaya Perfection plan with at least 1 person every day. Whether by recruiting a prospect into the daily blitz calls, showing a prospect the 20-minute opportunity video, or inviting guests to a live opportunity meeting, I do not allow my head to hit my pillow until I show the plan to at least 1 person a day. Consistently following up with a prospect is the special sauce that separates the people who achieve financial freedom in this industry. I teach my team to do what the million-dollar earners teach; Follow the 8-step system and don’t reinvent the wheel. You want your efforts to duplicate throughout your team. Using this system has built my team to over 100 Ambassadors strong!

Building strong residual income has always been my “WHY” for doing Network Marketing. It represents freedom to live life on our terms for my family and me. Residual income is the best retirement plan on the market! My first residual check in Wakaya Perfection was bigger than any residual check that I have ever received after my first month in any other company. I am truly grateful for Wakaya Perfection because I truly believe it is an opportunity perfected!

It is extremely exciting to have achieved the Diamond rank. From the day I signed my ambassador agreement I knew that Diamond was where I wanted to be, so immediately I went to work. Achieving Diamond status within a year just tells you the strength of our products and how the message of "A Plan To A Grand" really resonates with people. I influence others by letting people who I come in contact with, see that you CAN win in life. Winning is a lifestyle for me and I teach that lifestyle to others on a daily basis.

I am honored to share my four key areas of success: 1. Become a good storyteller of your WHY. 2. Be passionate about the product, compensation plan, and the company and how you're on a crusade using Wakaya Perfection as your vehicle to help change the world for the better. 3 Work consistently, every day on your business. 4. Learn from the people that are where you want to be.

It is amazing to me when I look back to one year ago. At that time, I was settling in as a traditional business owner of a thriving salon. Even though I owned the salon, it felt more like a job, trading time for money and going into the salon 5 times a week. Now, only one year later, I have put systems in place where I only have to go into the salon once a week and now I'm working my Wakaya Perfection business from home, every day which I love!

Now it is time to look forward. One year from now I plan on traveling the world and changing lives by giving people hope with these amazing products and our "Plan To A Grand"! I'm truly on a crusade to help thousands of families bring $1000 or more of monthly residual income to their households with Wakaya Perfection.


  • Her success strategy in 4 words: Don’t reinvent the wheel.
  • The top of her travel bucket list? Honolulu, Hawaii
  • The three words that best describe her? Christian, Strategic, Focused
  • The top 3 Wakaya Perfection products she can’t live without?
    • The Bula Hydration Nutri-Cap System for Detox
    • Pink Fijian Ginger, Fijian Kosher Sea Salt and Caramel popcorn
    • Pink Fijian Ginger & Fijian Turmeric Vegetarian Gel Caps












Sarah & Jeremy Pease

Diamond Ambassadors

Their story is of courage and determination. Sarah was born and raised in Pennsylvania, Ohio and currently resides in upstate NY. She has been married to her husband Jeremy for 11 years, and is a blessed mother to 2 beautiful children, a boy and a girl. They dappled in Network Marketing early in their career and Sarah also was in the health care industry. It took several traumatic health experiences for Sarah to discover her true calling in the Network Marketing world. Their passion for helping others is part of their DNA and their story, as told by Sarah, shows that courage and determination are a winning combination and that there is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up.


I grew up a Pastor's daughter, the oldest of four siblings. You could of describe me as introverted and shy growing up, but I would always go above and beyond to help others and to make them feel good about themselves. I was introduced to Network marketing about 15 years ago with my husband and we were unsuccessful. Right around the same time I got into the health care field because I wanted to help people, and I enjoyed the medical profession. I worked in both the emergency, and recovery room. In 2011 I had an accident at the hospital where I worked and suffered a traumatic brain injury that affected my optic nerve, peripheral, and depth perception. I was unable to work outside the home or even drive which was terribly challenging, however, it was because of this that I discovered the wonderful world of network marketing again.

In 2012 I made some major shifts in my life. I became a certified health coach and in an effort to continuously improve my life, I lost 70 pounds! I felt so good that I wanted to pay it forward, so I helped numerous clients lose weight and get healthy! I was very successful and was able to continue to be a stay at home mom and have the luxury of working from home. Approximately a year later, I helped to launch a brand new jewelry company but experienced minimal success. I brought in about 20 people personally, but spent much more than I ever made. While I was passionate about what I was doing, the product, the company, and its leaders (integrity is everything to me) I realized that although jewelry is beautiful and fun, it is not a consumable product. People don't need it on a monthly basis, and does not create a residual income. We ended up being bought out by another company in the end. Around the same time my husband lost his job, and we were struggling to make ends meet, put food on the table, and we were even in danger of losing our house. This opportunity with Wakaya Perfection was literally a blessing that fell into our laps when we weren't looking for anything new. Sometimes God has other plans!

In February of 2016, I was involved in a bad car accident. I'm thankful that I'm still here on this earth, as God isn't finished with me yet. One of my team mates from a previous company, Rebecca called me when I was in the hospital. She was so excited because she had just joined a brand new to network marketing company called Wakaya Perfection, and she had teamed up with the Founder of FIJI Water. She also told me that it was pre-launching with 50-60 products which was music to my ears because the company that we were involved in had around 3,000 products, which was a lot to keep track of. At the time we didn't even know what the products were going to be. We didn't even have a website, but over the next few months as the products started to be revealed, I realized what we truly had with this amazing company! When I saw the video on the compensation plan, I got really excited! I showed my husband the video and he said," we've got to do this!" We cannot afford to miss out on this opportunity of a lifetime, especially at the very beginning!

I am passionate about Wakaya Perfection’s integrity, culture, and family atmosphere. Our company, the leadership, Corporate team, world class training, and being able to help people discover financial freedom, time freedom, and helping people get healthy is a dream. We truly are one team one dream and help support and encourage one another! My number one goal is to make a difference in people's lives. I want people to say because of your love, support, and encouragement, I didn't give up. That is most meaningful to me.

The products have been life changing for me! After the accident I had to use a cane to get around and was on all kinds of prescription medications for pain, inflammation, digestive issues, headaches, sleep, etc. I started taking our core products specifically turmeric and ginger and within a month, I was able to get rid of my cane, and I am no longer on any prescription meds. I now have my health back with these products, and am regaining my independence with not only my health but have finally found my home with Wakaya Perfection, and have discovered financial freedom.

I used social media to grow my business. I am constantly stepping out of my comfort zone. I make videos, I try to share this opportunity with everyone that I meet. You never know who's praying for an opportunity like this to come along. Our up-line has done meetings all over the country for prospects and team members. As far as advice, I can’t say enough how important it is to complete the 8 steps in your back office as soon as possible. Stay plugged in. All of our calls are archived so you can go back and re-listen to any training that you missed. You don't have to reinvent the wheel! Share the opportunity with everyone that you meet! People don't care how much you know, until they know how much that you care!

It has been an UNBELIEVABLE ride for both myself and my husband Jeremy to have reached the Diamond status together! If we can do it, then you can too! The sky is NOT even the Limit with this Opportunity! We are Blessed, Humbled, Excited, and so thankful to God, as we have advanced though the ranks of Coral to Diamond in 13 months with the support of our up-line, downline, and crossline! We want to continue to give God all of the Glory for our successes, along with our Amazing TEAM!!! It doesn’t matter where you are in the organization, as we are all ONE TEAM, ONE DREAM! It’s the WAKAYA WAY!! We are so THANKFUL for all of our Wakaya Family that we have met over the last year. We’re so thankful to David Gilmour, and our entire Corporate Team! Thank you all for everything that you do to make this company the very BEST!!

The key to being influential is to always maintain a positive attitude. We believe that Passion, Persistence, Perseverance, Patience, and Prayer is Key! Perspective has everything to do with your success at Wakaya Perfection and in life. It is important to stay positive and to always focus on the big picture in Life, and the opportunity that we have at hand in the very beginning, with Wakaya Perfection. We have the calling to help so many obtain time freedom, financial freedom, and most importantly their health! As David Gilmour says: “what good is time and money, if you don’t have your health."


Our four keys to success?

1.) Be Genuine and Listen to what is important to other people. Let them talk, our job is to listen. Show an interest in others, and what matters to them (THEIR WHY). When you help others succeed and accomplish their WHY, you will succeed too! Always remain Humble and Thankful throughout all of your successes.

2.) We attended training events, boot camps, etc. We brought our 2 children (OUR WHY) to Launch in Las Vegas, the Founder’s cruise in January, and Lord willing again for our Annual Convention, Regional meetings and Cruise in January 2018. The PEASE Family is WAKAYA Perfection! We have regular local meetings and spend time together as a team. We’re planning opportunity meetings. We stay in contact with our builders from all over the USA, and soon to be the World!! We're there for our team whenever they need us for three way calls, events, showing the plan, encouragement, etc. Our goal is to provide excellent customer service, and a great experience for our customers, and to be there for our team and Wakaya Family, whenever needed.

3.) I developed a very large social media presence by doing videos on YouTube and Facebook. We jointly created intriguing posts that created curiosity along with positive and uplifting messages, and posted in groups to advertise. Our goal is to share this life changing opportunity with everyone that we meet, and get their contact information. Even though it may not seem like it at times, people are watching your Facebook posts. It’s important to be a walking, talking, billboard for Wakaya. We brand ourselves by wearing Wakaya Perfection logo wear, carrying our Bula bobble, and are always prepared to share our story, products, or opportunity. Be sure not to pre-judge anyone. A year ago we didn’t have the money to get started, but so thankful to our sponsor Rebecca for reaching out and sharing this opportunity of a lifetime with us! You never know who could be praying like we were for a miracle, for something like this to come along.

4.) Staying plugged in to our calls, training calls, getting prospects onto our Launch calls. Implementing the 8 steps into our business and teaching this same blueprint to success to our team members resulting in duplication. We share the tools with people, (opportunity video) going for the No! You won’t believe how many YES’s that you’ll receive along the way. Sometimes NO just means not right now. Follow up, Follow up, Follow up, and Follow up again! Did we mention to follow up? Keep these people in your pipeline. It can take numerous exposures before someone joins you in your Business. Be patient, persistent, and persevere. Your hard work, patience, persistence, and perseverance will pay off! Stay passionate, and laser focused! All that glistens out there in our industry is not gold! What we all have with Wakaya Perfection is truly special, and is a gold mine of an opportunity! We’re in business with a BILLIONAIRE, with the best corporate team in the industry! Our High Impact Products are Life changing! Our Plan to a Grand compensation plan is like no other! Every single one of us are blessed to have an opportunity such as this, in the infancy of our company! We will change lives for the good, if we follow the plan, and stay plugged in!

One year from now, I would like to be more comfortable with public speaking, self-development, and training. It’s always about stepping out of your comfort zone to grow, and over-coming fear. We love the quote, "God changes caterpillars into butterflies, sand into pearls, and coal into diamonds, using TIME and PRESSURE, He’s working on you too!" We are the dynamic duo. Jeremy doesn’t mind public speaking, where I enjoy being behind the scenes, and in front of the video camera. We want to be celebrating DIAMONDS in our organization, and throughout the WAKAYA Family! DREAMS+ACTION=SUCCESS!!

Only a year ago, having suffered a traumatic brain injury in 2011, I was unable to drive or work outside of the home. In 2015, Jeremy lost his job, our primary source of income. We were in danger of losing our house, on food stamps, and not satisfied with the status quo. We even had to borrow money to get started. We were praying for a Miracle! The Wakaya Perfection products and opportunity arrived at the perfect time! It has changed our Lives, Health, and our Finances! I no longer using a cane! I gave it to one of my team-mates, who because of Wakaya Perfection’s high impact products, also no longer needs it! She is off ALL prescription medications and only taking our products. We’ve been able to replace 2 traditional corporate America incomes! Jeremy is talking about seriously retiring at age 40, and we’re in the process of searching for a home on the lake, one of our WHYS. The Wakaya Perfection opportunity and products have CHANGED our lives!! Since our Founder’s Cruise, Jeremy and I lost almost 50 pounds together!


  • Success strategy in 10 words or less: “CONSTANTLY STEP OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE, TO GROW & STAY HUMBLE!”
  • The top of their travel bucket list? Wakaya Island, Fiji
  • The three words that best describe them? ENCOURAGING *UPLIFTING *ADVENTEROUS
  • The top 3 Wakaya Perfection products they can’t live without?
    • Organic Fijian Turmeric Capsules and Organic Pink Fijian Ginger Capsules
    • KetoBURN Metabolic Accelerator & Appetite Suppressant
    • KetoFUEL Meal Replacement Powder